This is first episode of the post-ambassador training era for Paul. He is back in Minneapolis trying to figure out just what happened out in Joshua Tree. This storyline has to do with the state of humanity and the internal battle Paul had to deal with to begin acknowledging the reality that mankind has failed to build a respectful, peaceful, civilization on Earth.

After reacting to a day’s worth of reality checking from Dr Greer, Paul feels the need to defend humanity. After all, the world and our society wouldn’t look so bad if not for a group of powerful men who have derailed our progress in nearly every way.

This episode puts humanity front and center. What do you think our civilization looks like from an outsider’s perspective? What signs are we showing that we are ready to join the intergallactic community when we can’t keep from killing each other, denegrating each other, profiting off of another’s hardship, etc. What would the world look like if the controllers of this planet had an awakening that turned them around to a vision of peace and progress?

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