During a very special trip to California to attend Dr Steven Greer’s ambassador to the universe training, Paul interviews Dr Kathy Forti. Kathy was a clinical psychologist before a near death experience changed her life’s work. She share’s with Paul an incredible experience from her youth involving an extraterrestrials that return during her week-long training with Dr. Greer.
Topics include remote viewing, meditation, star gates, the solar system, consciousness assisted technologies, and others.
Following her near death experience, mulitdimensional beings helped her design and develop a revolutionary new healing device that utilizes mathematics and sacred geometry to heal cellular DNA. Visit www.trinfinity8.com for more info.
Music from the episode is from Rhymesayers Entertainment, an independent hip hop label based in Minneapolis. We believe in holding up examples of good people in good companies and hope you will support them as we seek and support more pillars in the community that you can trust.
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