Paul starts by sharing some listener feedback, as well as an article written by a member of the facebook community The CE-5 Initiative.

CE-5 & The Development of The Senses

CE-5 is about making contact with other life out in the cosmos, yet I also think it is about making contact with yourself at the same time! I think that the people who are visiting us during CE-5, they are teaching us. They engage our senses in many ways, often purposefully subtle, and by us learning to observe subtleties, our senses develop enhancement like a muscle being trained. It’s becoming more and more clear to me, that CE-5 is part of an art, a skill of observing. Becoming more observant, through the use of the physical senses and even spiritual ones. That’s greater awareness, through observance. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is experiencing what seems like super senses… you can see a fruit fly moving across the room. Or see that smallest of things on the ground as you walk. You can smell the subtle properties of things, even from at a distance. You can hear the activity around you in a similiar enhanced way. Even sense of touch, or third eye PSI sense. It’s all being trained when you do CE-5, I feel! So be a good student.

I think if you are to have a greater awareness beyond the self, beyond this one planet – you have to train your senses to go deeper. You will start to see the dance of all the parts… all sense can merge into a beingness, in a single moment, all the parts of sense, cooperating together to convey even deeper understanding and concepts that go far beyond the capabilities of words. There is so much sense out there, whether it is your own, or that of someone else, or even of the trees and air. It’s all sensing.

So next time you go out and do CE-5, don’t just focus on the ETs, focus on your senses. They are your bridges to the senses of all life apart from you. Immerse in them, experience them, observe them without bias.

~William King


This episode highlights an interview with Minneapolis based actor Adam Glatzl. Adam is one of the founding members of the CE5 Mpls team. Originally from New York, he first conducted CE5 with a very well established team in the New York region.
Adam brings a lot of great energy, insights, and perspectives to the conversation regarding what this work is about, how to think about synchronicity, his first contact experience, and a fun discussion about other areas of that align with contact work.
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