After presenting on the disclosure project and CE5 at his college reunion, Paul shares what he learned. 


Using video clips from Sirius was effective to cover the vast area of research that CE5 draws upon.
Keep an eye on the overall importance of this work. Don’t allow the central catalyzing feature, the military industrial complex’s plan to mobilize the population against an alien threat, to get lost in the inspiring topics of consciousness, PSI abilities, remote viewing, UFO’s, extraterrestrial beings, etc. 
Incorporate as many relevant, everyday examples to keep from getting too abstract. People like tangible stories and simplified experiments they can try for themselves. For example: cloud bursting.
Marry the mechanics of the quantum vacuum, that Nassim Haramein describes, into discussions of how we are all connected and how we co-create our world as feedback/feedforward points of reference into the basis of reality in this universe. 

Paul shares an encounter he had when visualizing the smallest fabric of the universe and how it carries thought. This exercise of imagining the actual mechanism that connects everything in the universe and how our intentions travel and effect the vacuum was a real breakthrough and provided an exciting breakthrough or quantum leap in Paul’s contact work and study. 

Youtube: Modern Knowledge interview with Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein’s – Resonance Project

Dr Masaru Emoto – Water crystals Experiment

How to do Cloud Busting (or bursting)

National Press Club May 9th 2001 Disclosure Project Conference

Sirius the Movie & the Disclosure Project of Dr Steven Greer

ET Contact Tool (CE5 protocols, mediations, magnatometer, tones, etc)

ET Networking App (web application for connecting with others in the community)

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